Gee, Did I Mention He’s Here?

An open letter to the Man Upstairs

In the words of Adele: hello, it’s me. Instead of my nightly chats with you, I thought I could write you today.

You know that I’ve been thinking a lot about this show, I mean The Little Mermaid is the most amazing opportunity for me of the most epic proportions.


There’s always a but isn’t there? In this case the but is nothing’s guaranteed. Not even if the guy that I adore, my first choice Eric, comes to the school.

As school gets many steps closer, it’s just this ~thing~ that looms in the back of my mind. At night, instead of drifting blissfully into the land of unconsciousness, I lay awake thinking myself in circles because who really knows what’s going to happen? At least the part is guaranteed to me, right? Well, no. Because as much as I’d be fantastic, other’s would do the part justice. They wouldn’t be, well, me, but that’s not to say that they wouldn’t do a good job.

If his attendance at school were guaranteed, I could be comforted that at least Eric won’t be hopeless, that at least we’ll have a guy worthy of the part who can carry the show if Ariel cannot. But that isn’t guaranteed either.

You know the deal, Big Guy. He is all I’m asking for.

It’s not like I’ve been dreaming about this show since I was eight… Oh wait, I have…

So please come through. I need this.


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