Gray Days and Blue Days

It’s kind of funny when you think about it, how so many days have colorful connotations. If you were to ask me about my sister’s wedding, I would’ve obviously mentioned the pinks and golds in the color scheme, but I would’ve said how yellow it felt to me. Yellow is the color of happiness. It wouldn’t have been that shocking, highlighter-yellow color we’re all too familiar with… More like candle light yellow. Soft. Warm. It was the first day I had felt like a part of the family, which was something I’ve been craving for five years now. I was happy, and I felt loved. Yellow.

Almost every day has a color for me. Pink, Black, Green, those are some of my most memorable days. But then there are times when I’m faced with a day that can only be described by imagining a beautiful sky with pinks, purples, blues, and yellows all bleeding into one another.

My goal is to write a little something for myself every day. No school work is allowed, because that’s all I’ve been writing recently, and I want to remember how to write again.

Let’s hope I can stick with it.


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