You Matter To Me

It’s addictive the minute you let yourself think all that you say might matter to someone.

I was walking through town today, and I was filled with a jubilant feeling that I hadn’t felt in a long time. For a second everything was whole and good and I was filled with the excitement that could only be explained by the coming of something big.

“Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall.”

And truly it does. I felt that crispness, and I am still so filled with anticipation, I cannot wait until our lives begin again with the fall. For a moment I was surrounded by my favorite town, heading toward my favorite person. It’s a feeling of contentment that I’d really like to hang on to.

But so thank you, starfish, it’s because of you that I can go into the next school year holding this feeling in my heart and a smile on my face. It’s because of you that goodbye never made me feel happier. The negativity is now gone, and I can replace it with all the positivity and happiness in the world. After all, this year is ours to make.

Here’s to a great year, my lovely. Let’s enjoy the last-ness of it all while we still can. It’s going to be great.


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