Let’s Go For a Joyride

There are some moments where you just can’t deny that a good lunch and the presence of a friend is all you need to pick your day up.

As my summer is winding down I’m getting more and more overwhelmed by the magnitude of what this year means. It’s not a fun feeling, and in fact I can foresee many teary days in my future.

However, I am thankful to be graced with a wonderful mother and friend. There’s a little bakery in my town and they serve the best sourdough pretzels and cookies. My mother suggested that we go for lunch together, something that we haven’t done for a very long time. It was a lovely meal, and it transitioned my day from very bad to very good.

She spurred the productivity in me (only two more paragraphs to go!!), but then came another lovely surprise. My darling Alpha Bish texted me saying she had a present for me and she was going to swing by. My great day got better.

I’ve never been one to drive just for the hell of it, but when Bish said,

“Let’s go for a joyride”

I couldn’t help but say yes.

There’s something wonderful about driving with no destination, with no other objective than enjoying the pleasure of someone’s company. Granted this ride was under ten minutes and technically illegal, but maybe someday (when it’s legal for us to do so) we’ll drive and just see where we go. Sure, it’s a recipe for getting lost, but sometimes it’s nice to get in a car and just go. Freeing.

The freedom that I needed to be reminded I had.

P.S. Have fun in wonderland tonight, my lovely.


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