Stacy’s Mom Has Got It Going On

If you’ve never driven through your town at 10:00 at night blasting Stacy’s Mom by Fountains of Wayne, I’d highly recommend it. It was peaceful in a way that shouldn’t work, but it totally does.

There was a moment when I just stopped. I was driving through my neighborhood, at the last intersection before I turned onto my street, and I (naturally) stopped at a stop sign. But instead of driving on, I sat there for a few moments, it can’t have been more than 30 seconds, and let the music wash over me.

There’s something refreshing about choosing to go home. Even though I would’ve faced pretty serious repercussions had I not returned, I could’ve just driven on. There’s a comforting feeling that comes with knowing there’s a place that’s warm and comfortable, and a person that’s waiting for you at the end of the night.

I got peace. Something I needed, especially today.


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