It’s Gonna be a Good Day, Goddammit

Or will it?

Every time I make this resolution, something happens to make me on the verge of tears and makes me want to curse life. Why does the universe not allow me to be happy for like a day?

It’s like there’s something saying “no you can’t enjoy your senior year.” Great. Awesome. Sweet. Fan-fucking-tabulous. This isn’t just the normal “bitch about life because it’s inconvenient,” things have gone to hell this week.

I try to be confident, and I try to be positive but right now ITS NOT FUCKING WORKING like my positivity button is broken and I can’t get it back together.

I should be all out of tears, for all I’ve cried recently.

It’s gonna be a good day, goddammit. But ugh I just want it to be over.


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