Ten Good Things

No matter how small, I’m determined to find the good in everyday.

Ten good things. Let’s do this:

  1. We played a kick ass game of ultimate frisbee in gym class.
  2. I got to wear a cute sweater.
  3. Fall weather!!!!
  4. Tobias is going to join calliope.
  5. AND he took some of my cheez-its.
  6. Tommy Maron is growing scruff and gooddamn he’s so cute with scruff.
  7. My favorite sweater has come out from hibernation, I’m so happy it’s fall now.
  8. ¬†Amalia and I… bonded? I don’t know it felt good to talk with her. I’ve always looked up to her, and I like her a lot.
  9. Tomorrow is Friday.
  10. I got to eat some fucking awesome bread that Sam Kuhns gave my best friend and it was SO GOOD. I love bread.



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