A Wednesday

Give me liberty, or give me soccer boys in bow ties.

I think at some point, I’m going to have to ask Tommy to not be so cute. It’s gotten to the point where it’s very distracting. It’s almost not fair.

But my goodness what ~wouldn’t~ I do to be able to watch his lips say words and hear his voice, oh his voice it’s so wonderful and gravelly, makes me want to say things so he’ll say things back to me always.

I live for those moments of eye contact, the little shared smiles across a room. I’m pretty sure he thinks I’m cute.

Riley came up to me and said “you’re so beautiful. Every day I see you and I’m just blown away. You’re SO beautiful.”

I am an awkward little duckling and I didn’t know what to say.

But it’s days like these where I walk into school with my head held high, shoulders back, and feeling good about myself even though I’ve felt iffy about the shirt I’m wearing ever since I saw a photo and thought it may or may not look like I’m pregnant.

But it’s times like these, people like Riley, shared half-smiles across the room with Tommy, that make me go home and dash up to the window in my room where the light is good, and take a photo.

All because of Riley and some cute soccer boys.

Life’s a marvel, isn’t it.


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