A Thursday

Nothing beats being productive and listening to a mix of Bon Iver and Harry Potter.

Weird study playlist, you say? Well yeah, but it works for me. Bon Iver is so dreamy and la-la that my mind doesn’t focus on it at all, and Harry Potter is just classical, so I can tune it out without trying to. But whenever I tune back in, it’s always like coming home.

And don’t even get me started on how excited about how productive I’ve been. I came into this week dreading going to see my father, because I knew that I wouldn’t get any work done…

Which is why libraries are magical places. Can I just say how incredible librarians are? Like oh my god, maybe around my 2nd hour here, a librarian came up to me and was like “Are you hot sweetie? Do you want the fan to be pointed more towards you?” I insisted to her that I was totally fine, that I wasn’t actually that hot, but she insisted to move the fan, unplug it and move it just for me.

Be nice to librarians. They’re the nicest humans on the planet.

But I was sooooo stressed, I thought I was going to get nothing done! I thought I was going to go into this weekend and not have anything to show for my four day weekend, other than the products of a shopping spree.

But I got my entire check list done!

Go forth and prosper friends, because I deserve to go shopping.


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