Somebody I Used to Know

So many feelings I wish I could squash. This is my letter to you all.

Merida. We’re strangers. I loved you like a sister and a mother, but you might’ve been my first real infatuation with a girl before, because I certainly didn’t love you in the same way I loved the other sister I gained that year. But talking to you recently made me feel a deep pit in my stomach, because you don’t really know me, not anymore. I once thought that I would invite you to my wedding, but now merely talking to you about the show, the thing we bonded over in the first place, is anxiety-inducing. It just makes me sad, that you’re someone that I haven’t known for a long time… It’s one of those things where I just feel regret and nothing else.

Zahili. I felt nothing. Literally nothing. I don’t miss you at all. You looked exactly like you used to, and I don’t miss you at all. Honestly, I don’t even care.

FBI. I am so happy that we’re rebuilding our friendship. No one else has the same dopey sense of humor as me, or the same love of cats, specifically your cats. You are one of the kindest people I know, and I cannot explain how much I wish I could apologize for everything I said and did last year to hurt you. There’s a lot of regret here, but I wish you all the happiness in life. Although… no I’m not going there. Be happy.

If only you could know the things I long to say.


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