Bad Idea (Reprise) 

I’m living in a teenage movie.

It’s so hard to resist the allure of acting like a crazy teenager, being young and reckless, making out with people’s boyfriends. Okay I do feel a little bit like a terrible person. 

But I said it. I said that what we were doing wasn’t right.

Granted I kept kissing him afterwards…

45 minutes have never passed so quickly. Mmmm I just want to commit every moment moment to memory, I just want to live in that moment forever.

I know it’s not right per se, but why does it have to be right why can’t it just be good? Because my god is it good.

He’s just such a good kisser, and I don’t feel self conscious when I’m around him which is something new with boyfriends if mine. Not that he IS my boyfriend.


But I just want to live in that moment, where we’re both just kissing each other senselessly, knowing our (my) boundaries and not crossing them.

Mmm and teasing him is just so damn fun. Feather light kisses and after deep ones, and then leaning as far away as possible… which is hard in the cramped pack seat of a car.

It was so wonderful, because for that moment he was completely mine and I was completely his. We didn’t have to worry about him having a girlfriend (oops) or parents or brothers or friends seeing; we were chatting and we kind of stopped a little bit and then I just sprang and kissed him.

“You crazy, crazy girl.”

“Mmm yes, yes you’re right.”

And then I was completely honest about last year and this year and how my feelings toward him have evolved. It was total honesty, it was refreshing. And I’m glad I was able to make it up to him.

And then I was teasing him and he pulled me into his lap so I was straddling him, and my god it was wonderful. The car roof was only a little bit in the way… It was such a wonderful night that I want to remember for always.

Saying goodbye was so hard. It was even harder to get myself to get up off of him and open up the car door. I must’ve given him like seven or eight kisses trying to say goodbye alone. And I tried to be coy, I tried to give him a little teaser kiss and go home, but I couldn’t. So I essentially threw myself onto him one more time. And he laughed, and called me a crazy girl again.

I kind of love it when he says that.

Well. All I’ve got to say is that car back seats are not nearly big enough. 


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