some good things

Finding the good in every day has never been easier.

  1. Joe continues to be a wonderful source of positivity in my life. He’s made my life so much happier and brighter than it was before. I didn’t know that I could be this happy.
  2. Chemistry makes sense!!! I have been working my butt off to understand this unit, and so far it’s been kicking my ass, BUT I got like an 82% on the last test (it doesn’t seem that great but I was SO happy), and things make sense to me now! I’m so proud of myself.
  3. The college process is almost done. I’ve narrowed it down to three, maybe four schools. Two that I’m seriously considering. I’m just so happy it’s almost done.
  4. My life has never been happier or more positive. I am trying to find the good in every day, and my friends are so incredibly amazing. My friend group is shifting a little bit, which I thought would be kind of sad… but I’m not sad about it. They’re making me such a better person in more ways that I could ever have guessed.
  5. Senior year is almost over. I thought I would be afraid of this, but somehow, through the presence of my friends, of Joe, of my family… it’s all falling into place and I’m getting ready to leave. How scary is that? Like, I’m actually ready. June 10th 2017¬†was some unachievable date that I never thought would come, but it feels like it’s already here. I’ve grown in a million and one ways this year… It’s different because it has to be, I know that now.

I’m sitting here on the brink of my future, knowing that I will be ready for what the world throws at me; I have gone through hell only to come out on the other side a happier being.

I can’t wait to see what I’ll learn on my way to the other side of this mountain.

Hurlburt, you’d be proud of me.


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